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As I made clear in my last blog post, I have a lot of theatre rambling around in my head right now.  I have been overwhelmed with the task of directing two shows simultaneously.   It seems odd, but sometimes the best way for me to find new motivation and excitement is to sit back and enjoy another really good  theatre production.  So, this afternoon that’s just what I did as I treated myself to the ALT Academy’s production of Charlotte’s Web. I watched the show with about 180 school students who were also being treated to one of the four daytime school performances being staged yesterday and today.

As has become the norm for our Academy program, the show was truly wonderful.  Awe-inspiring in fact.  It never hurts to start with a great piece of literature and Charlotte’s Web has been delighting readers for sixty years.  This bittersweet story was brought to life at the Adventure Space by 40 or so talented Academy youth who played every role with great finesse and skill.  The show is staged on a beautiful set that features a barn and barnyard.  Very few youth programs have the luxury of the excellent resources our technical team provides.  We are all fortunate to enjoy such great sets.

What always moves me when watching an Academy show is the commitment and pride displayed by every member of the cast and crew.  Thanks to Jason Crespin and his group of instructors,  Academy students are creating a “culture” of excellence that will serve these students and this organization for years to come.  I am also finding this to be true with the twelve students I am directing in Chepaer by the Dozen. Good theatre is achieved through skill, passion and commitment……….not necessarily in that order.  Our organization is rich with so many people, young and old, who possess these qualities and share them every day with ALT.

I would encourage everyone I know to make plans to attend Charlotte’s Web, but alas every performance, including one added for Sunday evening, is sold out.   It’s a shame if you don’t have a ticket.

Don’t make the same mistake with Cheaper by the Dozen. There are tickets still available for every performance, but they are moving fast.

I look forward to seeing you at the theatre(s).

Allen Shankles