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June 2016

Greetings to all my Good Friends of the Guild: 

I want to congratulate you on your hard work and great success in the 2015/16season!! It has been a wonderful season for ALT both artistically and for the Guild! You worked hard this year and the work really paid off! With three fundraisers and great concession sales for Hairspray, we were able to give a gift of $10,000 to Allen and Amarillo Little Theatre. This, along with the $1,500 we donated to Mr. Jason and the Academy, brings our total contribution for the year to $11,500. I know you are as proud of that amount as I am! It is a testament to your dedication, determination and hard work and I thank you! 

But of course, now is the time to start planning for next year!! We never want to get caught resting too long. The Executive Committee met in June and will have new ideas to share with you at our August 9th meeting. Our membership party will be Saturday September 10th, so mark that on your calendars. 

During the summer, there are still ways to serve at ALT. July 15 and 16th is the ALT Film Festival. I want to encourage you to attend this year as we will be showing four documentaries dealing with the 1960's. The ALT Board always puts together a great party on Friday night before the first film and the speaker is both interesting and informative. I hope you will consider attending this year. The Guild will be serving concessions on Saturday the 16th between films. 

If you don't have season tickets, I want to encourage you to look at the choices offered for this year. Season tickets are a great value and make a very easy way to make sure you get to see all the great entertainment presented on both ALT stages. The first show of ALT's 90th season is The Full Monty. It will open at the Adventure Space August 18th and run through August 28th. The first Main Stage show will be The Best Man presented in September. Just like that we are into the 90th season at Amarillo Little Theatre. 

I hope you will be thinking of committees that you would like to serve on next year and maybe of friends that would like to join the Guild. Remember, the more people we have, the more ideas we generate, the more fun we have and the better we do when it comes time to gift the theatre. Don't be shy. Ask your friends if they would be interested in joining the Guild! 

I hope you have a fun and relaxing summer. I hope you vacation in the sun or the mountains and are blessed by the time with friends and family. If you are stay-cationing, I hope you enjoy some of the wonderful attrac- tions we have in Amarillo. I am proud to serve with you at the theatre and will see you all soon! 

Laura Jo Worsham, ALT Guild President 
806 676-9056  

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