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The reviews are coming in and the consensus seems to be that Les Miserables is a spectacular success!!  I have to say that for myself, I have not had a more gratifying opening night than I experienced on Friday.  It is pretty rare for a show to totally live up to my expectations…especially early in its run…however, I could not have been more pleased with Friday’s performance.  The show had such passion and energy – it was truly “electric” in the theatre.   Undoubtedly, the gratification is heightened due to the time and effort everyone involved has given to this production.  It has been a true labor of love, but make no mistake, it was a lot of “labor.”

If you haven’t made reservations to see this incredible show, I encourage you to do that today!!!  You will be glad you did.

Allen Shankles



(Amarillo Globe News- Letter to the Editor)

Amarillo Little Theatre gave the Amarillo area a gift in its production of “Les Miserables.” If you bought a ticket to unwrap this theatrical package, you know what an outstanding job ALT did to bring this difficult and extravagant musical to artistic life on stage. The sold-out houses during the Sept. 20-Oct. 7 run actually reflect Amarillo audiences’ appreciation of ALT’s enormous efforts. A big thank you goes to ALT Director Allen Shankles and his capable crew for pulling this all together. And applause goes to the talented cast

- Kay Paine

I want to add my congratulations to what must be hundreds of others who saw and loved Les Miserables. It was first rate in every way and I was so impressed with every aspect of the production. I know how much all that depended on your leadership and talent, Allen. I don't know why fate kept you in Amarillo, when you could have been successful in any place you chose, but we are all so lucky that it turned out that way. I was thinking after the show that a production that huge might have easily become mechanical...more concerned with making sure that everything happened correctly at the right time, than with the soul of the show. But that wasn't the case. It did all happen on cue...at least as far as I could see, but it also took us through a range of emotions that was incredible. The characters seemed so fully developed - alive with all kinds of conflicting emotions. What a show! Thank you thank you.

- Ann Coberley