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Ricky Shreffler

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Ricky Shreffler -- Assistant Technical Director/Volunteer Coordinator

Although Ricky is relatively new to this position, he is not new to ALT. He had his first experience working backstage in 2008 with The Producers and has worked multiple shows since. He was first introduced to the theatre and ALT by his mother, Kim Shreffler, and credits her with starting his love of theatre and movies at an early age. Ricky enjoys coordinating the backstage challenges that come with every show from fog machines to sliding panels -- there is never a dull moment.

Aside from theatre, Ricky has a passion for college football and classic cars. His first vehicle was a 1956 Chevy pickup that he spent several summers restoring with his grandfather. That was when he learned a lot of the skill that he now brings to ALT.

Ricky would like to thank his wonderful wife Rachel and their daughters, Zadie and Chloe, for allowing him to spend his days doing what he loves.