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The Mercy Seat Show Reviews

What our patrons are saying about "The Mercy Seat"...

I had the pleasure of witnessing an amazing piece of artwork tonight. Amarillo Little Theatre's production of The Mercy Seat is absolutely phenominal and so raw! I experienced every emotion possible...so amazing!

Ronnie Brockett ~ Amarillo 

I had the privilege of being part of the audience to view Amarillo Little Theatres Adventure Spaces production of The Mercy Seat last night! Heather Jones Manderson and Stephen Crandall gave riveting performances of a couple caught in affair during 9/11/01! I stopped breathing several times, had my heart broken remembering affairs of my past, and was drawn in to their lives! I relieved the tension while crying on my way home!!! Another amazing show, due in part to the direction of Allen Shankles!!!

Scott Royster ~ Amarillo

Powerful, fearless, intense, riveting...just a few adjectives applicable to the performances of Heather Jones Manderson and Stephen Crandall in ALT's The Mercy Seat. 2 hours, no intermission, non stop intensity, and these two professionals never let off the accelerator. Love watching passionate artists at work! 

Cindi Bulla ~ Amarillo

Everyone knows how much I love a big musical, but after seeing Heather Jones Manderson and Stephen Crandall tonight in ALT's Mercy Seat, nothing could get much better!! Amarillo is lucky to have the Adventure Space and the honest, raw, truthful storytelling of these two phenomenal actors. Thank you and congratulations cast and crew!! Wonderful night at the theatre!!

Laura Worsham ~ Amarillo 

Acting at its best is simply telling the truth. White-knuckled cut-you-to-the-soul truth. Heather Manderson and Stephen Crandall told a helluva lot of truth tonight. Go see "The Mercy Seat" at the Amarillo Little Theatre's Adventure Space.

Terri Wilson ~ Amarillo 

Go see The Mercy Seat at The Amarillo Little Theatre. It's intensely beautiful.

Bianka Torres ~ Amarillo 

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1. Mark Galbraith wrote:
As someone new to the community, and since I have been active in local stage and film the last 10 years, I have to say. first of all, that the Adventure Theater is a first-class facility to host productions. Second, Heather Manderson and Stephen Crandall demonstrated through their raw, intense, passionate performances what the goal of acting (and every actor) is all about: immersion into the back-story of the story and characters, and bringing it to incandescent light and life through the life, heart and experiences of the performers. Heather and Stephen excelled in doing so! Bravo! I was riveted to m seat the whole time.

Mon, November 9, 2015 @ 9:33 PM

2. Thea Touchton wrote:
There are only two shows left for ALT's THE MERCY SEAT and if you miss them you are missing out on two incredibly talented actors and one incredibly directed piece. The characters are not the most likable, in fact this peice reminds me of a modernized MISS JULIE, and the tragic background of 9/11 only highlights this controversial situation. However, the actors and how they were directed makes the audience care about what happens to them, no matter thier problematic behavior. The ending was truly captivating and took my breath away. Truly a play that makes you think after watching it but also teaches you a lesson about what's right, wrong, and the gray areas of life. A must see. Job well done, ALT!

Fri, November 13, 2015 @ 10:38 PM

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