Allen Shankles
Managing/Artistic Director
Email Allen: [email protected]
Allen Shankles has been creating magic at ALT for over 35 years. He has directed literallyhundreds of shows at ALT and has managed the growth of this organization guiding it as it hasbecome one of the best and most successful theatres in the country. During his tenure, Allenhas nurtured the development of the ALT Academy and his vision was the guid- ing forcebehind the development of the ALT Adventure Space. Allen is so grateful and proud that he hasbeen able to have a wonderful life and a family while also pursuing his dreams. He and hisfabulous wife Carrie have two extraordinary daughters, Jordan and Alexa. He also has an“incredible” grandson, Reno Hart DeMezza, who turned one year old in December. Allen wishesto thank the ALT staff for its dedication and passion for the art of theatre. It is a pleasure to workwith each of you every day!