Guild Mission

Let each man exercise the art he knows.
– Aristophanes

The Amarillo Little Theatre Guild exists to support ALT in its theatrical endeavors and to stimulate appreciation of community theatre.
We make this happen by providing volunteers to staff shows and other events, supporting other ALT volunteers and staff with food and supplies, and donating production funding for future seasons. Members of the Guild are proud to serve and support an institution as successful and as welcoming as the Amarillo Little Theatre.
Those who support the arts in their community (with time, money, talent, or some combination of all three) share a mutual recognition of the role artistic expression plays in society. Theatre embodies the best of fine art because of the physical manifestation of human experience that it provides, which in turns creates a strong and common bond. For it is in our stories that we most resemble each other. Join us in helping to make the stories we tell a gift that our community can share.

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