Backstage Protocols for ALT Mainstage Performances




  • Specified call times for performances will be reduced to 30 minutes rather than one hour.  We will be taking thermometer readings at the cast and crew entrance.
  • In most cases, we will ask that cast members apply makeup, style hair and dress in opening costumes at home.  We will drastically reduce the number of people allowed in each dressing room.  We will insist that cast and crew members wear masks in the dressing rooms and backstage whenever possible.  When not possible, social distancing should be observed. For large casts, we will have alternate dressing areas designated for use. Masks will be required in these areas and social distancing should be observed.
  • Cast and crew will gather in Studio A at 15-minute call for “Magic Circle.”  Cast and crew members will wear masks and will NOT hold hands during Magic Circle.




All Cast and crew members will be required to wear masks and maintain social distancing during intermission.


After Show


  • Cast members will not be allowed to go out into the lobby for “meet and greet.”  Cast members with family or guests in attendance should plan to meet outside the building after you have changed and are ready to leave.
  • Only cast and crew members will be allowed backstage before, during or after performances.
  • It is important that cast members leave dressing areas organized with costumes hung up and accessories stored in cubbies if possible. We also request that cast and crew members vacate the building as soon as possible as we will be disinfecting the building after each performance.


Revised – 8/4/2020
Infection Mitigation Coordinator – Dr. Jeffrey Pickens, M.D.