The Ten (thousand) Problems of a Teenage Girl

The Ten (thousand) Problems of a Teenage Girl

by Carrie Huckabay

Performance Dates

October 9 & 10 @ 7:30 pm
October 10 & 11  @ 2:30 pm

Take a trip inside the mind of a teenage girl…

The Amarillo Little Theatre Academy and the ALT Guild proudly presented the world premiere of The Ten (Thousand) Problems of a Teenage Girl in October of 2020. Written for the stage by Amarillo playwright Carrie Huckabay, this play delves into the world of teenage girls.

The Ten (Thousand) Problems of a Teenage Girl is an honest look into the life of teenage girls from their perspective. Through monologues, scenes and vignettes each character shares her personal struggles while finding opportunities to laugh at shared experiences. Navigating through their teen years together, the characters find strength in each other to find solutions to the ten biggest problems teen girls face in today’s world. ALT Academy assembled a terrific cast to bring this coming of age story to life. The Ten (Thousand) Problems of a Teenage Girl featured 23 talented Academy students and is being directed by Academy Director Jason Crespin. Academy Instructor and future Academy Director Mikayla Garren served as Assistant Director with Abigail Martin as Production Assistant.

Whether you are a teenage girl, once were one, raised one, or simply seek to understand the seemingly foreign language of one, this play will enlighten your perspective on how the solution to many problems might just be found within yourself.