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  • Sweeney Todd Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Sweeney Todd"...

    Congratulations on a creating a masterpiece! The cast was fantastic! The sets were amazing and elaborate! Yes, it was dark...but, yes, it was sooo much fun! The “youngsters” certainly were young only by age. Very professional! Realizing the future is in good hands!  It is a privilege to be part of the A.L.T. family. Amarillo’s got the best theatre! I appreciate all you do to make that happen! Well done and Thank you!

    René Brain ~ Amarillo

    Broadway worthy show! I was completely transformed to Fleet Street the entire time. The set pieces were spectacular, especially the barber chair. The actors, the songs, the performance....everything was wonderfully dark and creepy. I am truly blessed to be a season ticket holder of the best community theatre anywhere. Everyone must see this show. It is a guaranteed masterpiece!

    Felicity ~ Amarillo

  • Other Desert Cities Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Other Desert Cities"...

    Family reunions can bring out the "best" in many and "Other Desert Cities" may multiply that by 10! ALT Adventure Space continues to amaze us. Great 20 years Allen Shankles at the Adventure Space. Congrats! Now everyone, go see this play!

    Kevin Ball ~ Amarillo

    First let me say the set was magnificent!  Easily the best looking set we have seen in a production at ALT and there have been some great sets.

    BUT the cast!  The acting!  The characterizations!  The emotion! The intensity.  All those things easily overshadowed the set piece.  To have everything that you thought you knew turned on its head was amazing.  We were just stunned by the cast and the ease with which they navigated the valleys and towering peaks of emotion.  Well Done!!

    This is my new favorite production.  Thank you all for a terrific evening!

    John Miller ~ Amarillo

  • Over the River and Through the Woods Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Over the River and Through the Woods"...

    As is our custom, my wife and I attended the opening Saturday performance of the latest main stage show, Over the River and Through the Woods.  I would just like to echo what you said. This show deserves a full house.  I was somewhat embarrassed that my fellow Alt patrons did not show up for this show.  It is an exceptionally good show. Every part of it was good, from the snappy dialogue and comedic timing to the multi-layered story.  Maybe you have to be a certain age to get the story, but I could fully relate to all of the characters.  A great presentation of life, its meaning, and conflicts from multiple perspective. Of course the story would be nothing without exceptional cast and directing.I plan to tell everyone I see to take in this show, even if they have never been to an ALT show.  Please pass along my admiration of the show to all who took part.  I am just sorry it did not have a full house. 

    Keep up the great work! 

    David Hurtt ~ Amarillo

    What superb acting in Over the River and Through the Woods! We saw it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Go and see this show if you can. You won’t be disappointed.

    Courtney Frazier ~ Amarillo

  • Skull in Connemara Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "A Skull in Connemara"...

    Just saw A Skull in Connemara at the ALT Adventure Space. I’ve never been disappointed in this theater. Today is no exception. If you like dark comedies that have minute to minute mood swings from hilarious to the absurd, go see this play. The talkback after the show was enlightening also. Thanks cast and crew.

    Kevin Ball ~ Amarillo

  • Little Shop Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Little Shop of Horrors"...

    Robert and I saw Little Shop of Horrors last night and we loved it! It had phenomenal singing and acting. Everyone was perfectly cast from the ensemble and all the way to the leads. One more weekend to see this show and I would highly recommend getting tickets and catching this show before the run is over.

    Courtney Frazier ~ Amarillo

    Just attended Little Shop of Horrors, what can I say, but this was a fun, fun, fun evening! Congrats to Jason C. on a very successful Main Stage directorial debut.

    David Schaeffer ~ Dimmitt

  • No Man's Land Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "No Man's Land"...

    No Man's Land:

    No Man's Land surprised me. I expected to be confused: all the reviews I'd read waxed eloquently about playwright Pinter's existentialism, his brilliance in making it impossible for the audience to really pinpoint what's going on in his plays. So, I didn't laugh at the dark humor, nor did I try to analyze every single word uttered; I just listened. I was intrigued. Who are these men? How are they connected? These are the questions I was asking myself at intermission, and the answers were revealed--at least in part--in the second act. The end of the play leaves one with a few more questions that would best be discussed over coffee with a good friend. Who's really free? The successful poet entrapped by his riches and his ever-present "protective" staff? The poor man whose words never quite put enough food on the table and thus produced a poet-turned-opportunist late in life? The man who still has his mental faculties or the one who seems to be slipping a bit in his memory? The men who've indentured themselves to a wealthy alcoholic or the one who can fire them with a word--if only he could stay sober long enough to do so? Perhaps the characters are stuck in that netherworld of "no man's land," but as an audience, it's nice to be able to mull over the larger questions of life and draw one's own definite conclusions. If you haven't seen "No Man's Land," check it out this weekend. You might just be intrigued.

    Mandy Carbajal ~ Amarillo


    What our patrons are saying about "MARY POPPINS"...

    This show was so great!! Wonderful job by all! The choreography was exceptional, the singing, etc. Everything was just so well done. All the actors were wonderful by Mary Poppins was fabulous. Very talented. We loved it!

    Joan Haller ~ Amarillo


    What our patrons are saying about "Two Worlds, One Passion"...

    Two Worlds, One Passion:

    This may be the BEST production I have ever seen  at ALT!  Of course, Devlon and Chuck were fantastic as always.  What talent!!  The “choir” (and soloist from that group) were great.  The band so very good.  The choice of music was perfect!!  Congrats to  Jennifer Atkins for making the different types transition so smoothly throughout the entire performance.  I hope that all who  had anything to do with this felt the enthusiasm of the audience.  It was “electric” Friday night and I heard it was Saturday also.   Why would we ever need to bring in outside talent when we have people like this right here at home!  Thank you for a wonderful evening!!

    Johnnie Thompson ~ Amarillo

  • Seminar Show reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Seminar"...

    Stephen Crandall and Cast,

    It is difficult to remember ever being that young and idealistic.  The play was a very thoughtful examination of idealism and realistic world expectations.  The acting was very accomplished.  We admire the facets that Don brings to his characterizations.  The cast did a really fine job of being in the world of writing and the world of everyday living with all the conflict and angst that can generate.  Really enjoyed the piece. Well done.

    John Miller ~ Amarillo

  • Noises Off Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Noises Off"...

    If you don't have tickets for this show, I don't know what is wrong with you! I saw it opening night and laughed till I cried. Congrats to Debbie Perry, Michael Newman, Ryan Sustaita, Amber Laugesen, Jorden Whetstone, Zeke Lewis, Emily Escobal, Jonathan Mobley, Michael Westmoreland and director Jeff Jarnagin on a great show!

    Jason Crespin ~ Amarillo

    Non-stop laughs. A must see next weekend. Buy a ticket and support our local theatre.

    Dyron Howell ~ Amarillo

    We saw "Noises Off" last night. It may be the funniest show I have ever seen. I haven't laughed like that in years. Amazing cast with great comedic timing, expertly directed by Jeff Jarnagin. Don't miss this show. ALT rocks!!

    Jeffrey Pickens ~ Amarillo

    ALT is having a great season! I saw "Noises Off" last night and laughed harder than I have in quite a while!! The entire cast turned strong, delightful performances!! The physicality in Act II wore me out!! Brilliantly directed by Jeff Jarnagin. Thank you for a wonderful night of entertainment!

    Scott Royster ~ Amarillo

    Just saw "Noises Off" at ALT! Go see this show! Absolutely hysterical! Well done Jeff Jarnagin and cast, well done!!

    Cynthia McCormack ~ Vega

  • It's Only a Play Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "It's Only a Play"...

    Another winner last night! ALT Adventure Space's production of "It's Only a Play". I laughed harder than I have in a long time! Incredibly strong performances by the entire cast! Richie Garza, you are our Nathan Lane! I loved you in this role. Jo Smith, another incredibly entertaining performance!!! J. T. Sherrer, so good to see you on stage again. It has been fun watching your craft grow! Justin Loe, you always put your heart and soul into every show you do! Jackie Sorenson Llewellyn, this is my first time to see you on stage and I hope it isn't the last! Beautiful young woman and great actress. Finally, Don Washburn, ALT's living legend! Hysterical portrayal of Ira! Allen Shankles, yet another winner! Congratulations to all! Jason Crespin, how could I forget to mention such an incredible performance by you! It's been too long since you graced the stage with your amazing presence!! Beautiful job with the British accent! Loved, loved, loved you!!

    Scott Royster ~ Amarillo

    If you haven't seen "It's Only a Play" at the ALT Adventure Space yet, make sure you get your tickets now!! You don't want to miss this one! I saw the show last night and couldn't stop laughing. Congratulations to the cast and crew for a fantastic show!

    Sydney Berg ~ Canyon

    Today we saw ALT's "It's Only a Play" and I'm telling ya, go see it. We HOWLED with laughter watching Jason Crespin's alternate acting ego do what, apparently, alternate egos DO!! Jo Smith you were fantastic!! The entire cast was fantastic--I'm in awe of how much talent there is in Amarillo!

    Betsy Weaver ~ Amarillo

  • Young Frankenstein show reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Young Frankenstein"...

    Super production!  Stephen Crandall did a wonderful job as did all the cast, but he was truly spectacular.  Truly a great evening at the theater.  Congratulations to the cast and running crew for a well paced well run show.

    John Miller ~ Amarillo

    Just returned from another stellar performance of Young Frankenstein! My husband refused to go to any "play" until I talked him into seeing the Adams Family. Since then I can't keep him away and he loves the magnificent talent of the whole cast. We are so fortunate to have such a treasure as ALT in Amarillo!

    Janet Rice Young ~ Amarillo

    Just saw Young Frankenstein at Amarillo Little Theatre. What an amazing show this is! David Walsh, you've outdone yourself on this one my dear. The set pieces are phenomenal!!! Britton A. Brazil, perfection, perfection as always! Allen Shankles, you're a genius! This show is over the top fantastic! The acting, dancing, singing, orchestra and tech team are on point! Stephen Crandall, what can I say my friend, just BRILLIANT! Every time I think ALT can't get any better, I see another show and I'm blown away. Can this theatre and it's people please move to Dallas with me!

    Paige Jackson ~ Dallas

    Such a fun show! As always, ALT knocks it out of the park. Warning: you will spend the next few days with "rolling in zee hay" stuck in your head!

    Sergio Carbajal ~ Amarillo

    Went on open night n we love it, laugh so hard...it's a must see!!!

    Debra Davis ~ Amarillo

    Go see Young Frankenstein at Amarillo Little Theatre it was so fun and the cast was awesome. There is a show today and next weekend! Go experience something different in Amarillo!

    Rory Schepisi~ Bushland

    Proud of our Amarillo Little Theatre family! Young Frankenstein was AWESOME! Great job everyone!

    Jacob Kuker~ Amarillo

    Young Frankenstein is a must see show. Thank you for a great performance yesterday!

    Gustavo Delgado ~ Amarillo

  • The Birds Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "The Birds"...

    I dreamed about birds last night! And it seems everywhere I've gone this morning I hear them and see them lined up on the high line wires. Perhaps it's because I saw the wonderfully performed, thought provoking, deep, dark, performance of ALT's "The Birds" last night. Jo Smith, Michael Newman, Reilly Downes and Jeffrey Pickens - you all were amazing!!

    Debbie Perry ~ Amarillo

  • Full Monty Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "The Full Monty"...

    It was one of the best comedies I've seen. Thank you all for the great performance! I am planning to watch it one more time.

    Lyudmyla Lysenko ~ Amarillo

    Please thank the cast for us, we enjoy performances and an organization worth supporting in Amarillo! 

    Liz Vallette & Bob Trevino ~ Amarillo

    We really enjoyed it and I really got a kick out of watching the ladies in the front row facing the stage. They were laughing so hard I thought they might fall out of their seats.

    Brad Riffel ~ Amarillo

    This was one of the funniest productions ever for ALT. The cast, music, sets and direction were excellent! It is good to see ALT stretch the envelope every once in awhile. Bravo! to you, the cast, musicians and all the behind the scenes support!

    Duane Tinkler ~ Amarillo

  • Hairspray Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Hairspray"...

    I am not a big fan of musicals.  However, there are times when a little mindless entertainment is just the thing to lift spirits and laugh a bit.  I am  big fan of our local talent, and an even bigger fan of yours (Allen Shankles).

    Every time I think you have reached your peak in directing an outstanding production, you reach up a little higher and outdo yourself.  "Hairspray" of Friday evening was one of those times.  From the casting to the finished product, I saw evidence of what you put into this play.  It was extraordinarily entertaining, and I could not be more proud of your work.  You did it again!

    Helene Botsonis ~ Amarillo

    I was blown away by the performance of Hairspray at ALT. The cast did a tremendous job of acting, singing and dancing. It was clear they were loving what they were doing and the audience fed off of it. Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle is blessed to have community theater on the level that ALT provides. Always a great performance! 

    Jim Mitchell ~ Amarillo

  • Next to Normal Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Next to Normal"...

    I've seen strong performance after strong performance at ALT during the last decade, and I'm  always stunned by the level of talent available in the area, and how that talent is brought to its peak by your direction at ALT.

    That said, I think Next to Normal is the best of the best.  Not only was the drama of the situation beautifully realized by the actors, but they did it in a very difficult musical form. I was amazed from the very first note.  But soon I forgot that they were singing and was up to my ears in the story.  It's a sad story and one I grew up with - watching an aunt go in and out of bipolar depression and seeing the effects it  had on my cousins...and continues to have.

    Thank you for presenting this play to our community, and congratulations on the superb direction and interpretation of the piece.  Can't tell you how much I admire and appreciate you.

    Ann Coberley ~ Canyon

    I loved this play.  I was so moved by it, and your crew did a marvelous job--every last one of them. My heart was breaking for the entire family & and even Dr. Zeke!(sorry, I forgot his character's name).  He played a caring MD. And trust me, there are some real ones out there, too, said the retired nurse.

    Pat Hayes ~ Amarillo

    Just saw "Next to Normal" and you have to stop topping yourselves! There HAS to be a limit to the "Best Show I Have Ever Seen" list.

    Seriously, the production was wrenching, emotional, dynamic, with wondrous voices, and had me very close to tears at least twice. What a great cast and what a great performance tonight.  The timing, the technical running, the music, and most of all the voices.  Great job.  Really top notch.

    John Miller ~ Amarillo

  • The Mercy Seat Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "The Mercy Seat"...

    I had the pleasure of witnessing an amazing piece of artwork tonight. Amarillo Little Theatre's production of The Mercy Seat is absolutely phenominal and so raw! I experienced every emotion possible...so amazing!

    Ronnie Brockett ~ Amarillo 

    I had the privilege of being part of the audience to view Amarillo Little Theatres Adventure Spaces production of The Mercy Seat last night! Heather Jones Manderson and Stephen Crandall gave riveting performances of a couple caught in affair during 9/11/01! I stopped breathing several times, had my heart broken remembering affairs of my past, and was drawn in to their lives! I relieved the tension while crying on my way home!!! Another amazing show, due in part to the direction of Allen Shankles!!!

    Scott Royster ~ Amarillo

    Powerful, fearless, intense, riveting...just a few adjectives applicable to the performances of Heather Jones Manderson and Stephen Crandall in ALT's The Mercy Seat. 2 hours, no intermission, non stop intensity, and these two professionals never let off the accelerator. Love watching passionate artists at work! 

    Cindi Bulla ~ Amarillo

    Everyone knows how much I love a big musical, but after seeing Heather Jones Manderson and Stephen Crandall tonight in ALT's Mercy Seat, nothing could get much better!! Amarillo is lucky to have the Adventure Space and the honest, raw, truthful storytelling of these two phenomenal actors. Thank you and congratulations cast and crew!! Wonderful night at the theatre!!

    Laura Worsham ~ Amarillo 

    Acting at its best is simply telling the truth. White-knuckled cut-you-to-the-soul truth. Heather Manderson and Stephen Crandall told a helluva lot of truth tonight. Go see "The Mercy Seat" at the Amarillo Little Theatre's Adventure Space.

    Terri Wilson ~ Amarillo 

    Go see The Mercy Seat at The Amarillo Little Theatre. It's intensely beautiful.

    Bianka Torres ~ Amarillo 

  • "Addams Family Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "The Addams Family"...

    Saw The Addams Family last night, and it was truly wonderful. Performance was top notch! Great singing, dancing, and the Addams Family wit. During intermission, I was already thinking when to see it again. Don't miss this show!

    Felicity Swann ~ Amarillo 

    "The Addams Family." This was absolutely the best and most fun show I've been to in a long time, just wonderful! I finally convinced my husband to accompany me to ALT for the first time and all his pre-perceived notions of a play went out the window with the amazing talent, script, music, backdrops and the super welcoming staff on hand! He wants to see this again before the run is over. Amarillo is so blessed to have such an amazing facility over run with talent in every aspect and my sincerest hope is large support from the area for this gift.

    Janet Young ~ Amarillo 

    Only three more performances of "The Addams Family" remain. You will not want to miss this fabulous musical that has everything!

    Kay Paine ~ Amarillo 

  • "Thoroughly Modern Millie" Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Thoroughly Modern Millie"...

    Thoroughly Modern Millie is an absolute treat! While you can never go wrong with a show starring the talented Annika Spalding, it was wonderful to see her paired with her husband, Brett. The way their voices meld is magical! The rest of the cast is vocally stunning...all around a great evening of theatre!

    Joy Peacock ~ Amarillo

    Saw Thoroughly Modern Millie last night. Absolutely made our night! Where does one start? The sets were wonderful. The coreography was amazing. And you don't have to travel to Broadway to hear such splendid vocals and orchestra. Thank you ALT cast and crew for putting your heart and soul into this effort and offering this community some of the best events one can ever experience!

    Rose Ann Smith ~ Amarillo

  • "August Osage County" Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "August Osage County"...

    You've assembled a very strong, rock solid cast for this production, and the rehearsal last night was absolutely incredible. It is one of the finest shows I've seen at ALT. Congratulations.

    Art DeMar ~ Amarillo

    August is one of the most powerful ALT productions ever! It is a show of humor & sadness portrayed by a powerful cast headed by the ever able Heather Manderson. Definitely a must see. 

    John Kaczmarek ~ Amarillo

    ALT's current production of "August: Osage County" is an experience that will not be forgotten soon by anyone. The cast is perfect in every way, completely throwing themselves into their characters, and bringing them to real life. The performances by Heather Manderson and Melanie Sanders in particular, but also the entire ensemble, were at times heartbreaking and uncomfortable, and at times wickedly funny. Congratulations to all!

    Jonathan Mobley ~ Amarillo

  • "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"...

    Congratulations to all the Academy students, Jason Crespin, Brandon Bellar, and all others involved for a spectacular production of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”! I grew up listening to the record, but hadn’t heard these songs in decades, so they brought back great memories. All the kids are perfectly cast, and are dedicated to their roles -- I could tell everyone was having such fun with it! The big dance numbers– “Toot Sweet,” “Me Ol’ Bamboo,” and the Brazilian Dance were spectacular! Another Academy triumph!

    Jonathan Mobley ~ Amarillo

    Wow, congratulations to all the cast and crew of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! This is truly a fun show to watch. The music and dance numbers are wonderful, and lively. The cast is very talented and do a great job in each of their roles. I left with a song in my head and a skip in my step. A great way to spend an evening or an afternoon with the whole family.

    Sarah Chase ~ Amarillo

  • "The Glass Menagerie" Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "The Glass Menagerie"...

    Saw ALT's mainstage production of "The Glass Menagerie" tonight. Ryan Sustaita, Lynae Latham Jacob, Anna McVey and Christoper Ratliff, WOW, JUST WOW!!! Congratulations to director, Stephen Crandall as well! A beautiful show!!!!

    Scott Royster – Amarillo

    If you don't have tickets to Glass Menagerie at the Amarillo Little Theatre, I don't know what you're waiting for.
    I watched it last night and I'm still in awe of the beautiful performance given by the cast and crew of this production.

    Bianka Torres – Amarillo

    ALT's production of A Glass Menagerie is excellent! The acting is fantastic! Don't miss this one.

    Dana Neeley – Amarillo


  • "A Christmas Story" Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "A Christmas Story"...

    The cast did a fantastic job! The leg lamp dance by itself was worth the price of admission!

    Jim Womack - Amarillo

  • "Nancy Drew, Girl Detective" Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Nancy Drew"...

    Good show! We really enjoyed it. You are amazing. 

    Pegi Lovett - Amarillo

    What a WONDERFUL performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !!

    Wendy Camp
    3rd Grade - Reading/Social Studies/Science
    Wolflin Elementary

    Just wanted to let you know that I have attended many plays at ALT. I have enjoyed all of them, but today’s performance was the best I have seen. All the actors/actresses used loud & clear voices and were so animated in their characters. My students fully understood the plot and all its twists. Thanks to you and all the production cast for a job very well done!!!!

    Jennifer Lyles
    Windsor Elementary
    4th Grade Math/Science

  • "Moon over Buffalo" Show reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Moon over Buffalo"...

    Saw it last night with a group of friends and we all enjoyed it a lot! Very entertaining and had us all laughing throughout the play. Thanks for another great performance!

    Paula Davis - Amarillo

    If one likes to laugh, this show will provide the reasons to laugh. A well done, laugh-a-minute show! Enjoyed the show. Excellent cast delivered non-stop laughter for the audience.

    Kudos and thanks.

    Janie Sue Noble - Amarillo

    If you need a laugh, this is a great play to go see. It will have you laughing quite a bit. Each part was played to perfection.

    Well Done.

    Kym Klarich - Claude

  • "Avenue Q" Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Avenue Q"...

    Something to cross off my bucket list. I have wanted to see a live performance of Avenue Q since it was on Broadway and i don't think Broadway could have done it any better. Thank you ALT for making my dream come true. If i had more money I would see it again and again...

    -Marc Paetzold - Amarillo

    Thank you cast & crew!!
    What a fantastic evening.  We enjoyed every moment of the show.  It took about 5 minutes to see the puppets as characters so talk about your suspension of disbelief!  What a fun evening and what an odd premise to build a show upon but it worked and worked really well. Thank you for a great great evening.

    -John Miller - Amarillo

    By far, the BEST sex scene ever produced on an ALT Stage!  In fact, if puppet sex is that good, I'm a little jealous...It sucks to be me...


    Jeff Jarnagin - La Mirada, CA

  • "The Last Five Years" Show Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "The Last Five Years"...

    I saw "The Last Five Years" Saturday night. It's Tuesday, and I'm still not over it. What ALT put together for that show was nothing less than extraordinary. Annika and Joshua were perfect, and the vision that Stephen gave to the show was special. The musicians were flawless. ALT reached a new level with this one.

    -Matt Morgan - Amarillo

    Just when I think Amarillo Little Theater has reached its peak you pull something like The Last Five Years out of the hat.  Thank you. Wonderful vocals, wonderful music, and wonderful direction. Marvelous evening of theater.

    -John Miller - Amarillo

    This ranks with Light In The Piazza as my favorite musical ever.
    You could take the ALT production and play it on Broadway just as it is. It's that good.

    -Mike Akins - Amarillo

    A Facebook message from a patron after seeing "The Last Five Years"...

    Amazing performances!!
    Saw The Last Five Years today at ALT. Holy moly! It was absolutely wonderful. I'd only ever heard a few of the songs from the show and had no idea how it would be in its entirety. Allen was right when he said that it's like a kick in the gut. However, the music is breathtakingly beautiful as are the singers' voices. If you're in the area, you really shouldn't miss it. Congrats you guys!

    - Sarah Dunn - Amarillo

    The Last Five Years was a brilliant musical with a duo of talented actors. It really puts things in perspective relationship-wise and it was masterfully done. I loved the show and look forward to the next one!

    -Eddie Boston - Amarillo

    A letter to Allen from a patron the morning after seeing "The Last Five Years"...

    Hey, Allen—

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed “The Last Five Years” on preview night. 

    I really love my cast recording CD, and when I saw the show on the ALT schedule, I thought how important casting and direction was going to be to make it happen. I’ve gotta say both were outstanding. 

    I believed in every song that the characters were at the place in their relationship where the song said they were. I loved the choice of long lace dress for the museum/marriage scene. I loved how the pair switched doors as the middle – just a great evening of theater. 

    Thanks for making it happen, and congratulations to Stephen and cast and crew. 

    Larri Jo

    P.S. The Raspberry Demise was delicious.

  • "Enchanted April" reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Enchanted April"...

    Enchanted April has to be my favorite show of the season, simply because it is set in the twenties; my favorite decade. The acting was wonderful, and the costumes and set were fabulous! I felt like I was right there in Italy in 1922. Props to you, ALT, once again!
    -Eddie Boston - Amarillo

  • "Stuart Little" Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Stuart Little"...

    Stuart Little was wonderful! A must see. The entire cast was adorable. I am always amazed at the talent of every ALT performance. Also my granddaughters were thrilled to meet and shake hands with Mr. Jason.
    -Valerie Naugle - Stratford

  • "White Christmas" Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "White Christmas"...

    White Christmas was, without a doubt, the most spectacular show thus far this season. The cast was great, the set designs were great, but the music was the cherry on the cake. I really felt like I was in the 1950s! Congratulations to the cast and crew who made this show a success!

    Eddie Boston - Amarillo

    Kudos, ALT!!! Wonderful performance of White Christmas! The music, dancing, and costumes enhanced the performances of a talented cast. We all loved it and hope it becomes a holiday tradition!
    Thank you!

    Debbie Zermeno - Canyon

  • "A Behanding in Spokane" Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "A Behanding in Spokane"...

    ALT's A Behanding In Spokane was very different from any play I have seen. It was funny, well-acted, and my style of storytelling, but I never imagined seeing anything like this outside of a movie. But it was great! Good job to the cast and director!

    Eddie Boston - Amarillo

    Comment from a patron via Facebook...

    This guy is very creepy - and the play is a trip to the dark side - with some many humorous moments thrown in to break the darkness.

    Wes Knapp - Amarillo

  • "Shrek" Reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Shrek"...

    Thank you for directing such a great performance! We all LOVED it.

    Lori Craig - Amarillo

    I was able to bring 200 middle school students to a school production of "Shrek" -- for many this was their first time to see a live production -- and they were blown away!! Several could not believe that they were watching other students from Amarillo and kept asking if the singing was recorded. Jason and company have done it again, given us theatre that inspires.

    Kim Shreffler - Amarillo

    What enormous talent we have in our community! ALT's Academy production of Shrek the Musical is a monster of a success. Following the basic storyline of the popular movie, this version featured fresh new music, brilliantly designed costumes, and none other than Amarillo's brightest young stars-- 96 of them in total! Don't miss Prince Farquod's vaulted ego, Donkey's unconditional friendship, Fiona's multifaceted personality, and all the loveable layers of Shrek's heart.

    Jason Hudson - Amarillo

    I saw ALT Academy's Shrek the Musical last night, and I was completely blown away. Between the incredible talent, the amazing costumes, and the brilliant direction of so many young actors, everyone involved should be so proud! What a fantastic evening you gave us. I'm so amazed and inspired!

    Annika Johansson - Amarillo

    The stars were out in Amarillo on Friday October 18th...Not just the heavenly bodies in the sky but also the ones shining brightly on the ALT stage for the opening night of Shrek. Each and every actor lit up the stage through their amazing acting ability, adorable costumes, and overall stage presence under the genius direction of Jason Crespin. It was a true joy to see the faces of all the parents, other adults, and kids sitting in the audience beaming with delight throughout each act. Bravo to ALT Academy, Jason Crespin, and all the actors in between! Keep Calm and Duloc On!

    Cindy Singleton - Amarillo

    The ALT Academy never ceases to amaze me! Shrek the Musical was phenomenal. It showcased the students' talent so perfectly, and made me so proud of our Theatre and the kids in this community. I belly laughed throughout the show, and left amazed by the strength of the voices and the way the difficult music was performed. This is a can't miss production!

    Brett Spalding - Amarillo

    Amazing. Captivating. Fun. Inspiring. Shrek: The Musical is all of those things, and so much more. The talent of the cast and crew bubbles to the surface in this swamp-stomping romp of a musical that takes us on a journey with Shrek and Donkey as they rescue Princess Fiona and help the displaced fairytale characters defy the villainous Lord Farquaad. The acting, the singing and dancing, and the well-timed crew who set the stage for this production have truly transported us deep within Shrek: The Musical's message of how we should all embrace our uniqueness.

    Now, on with the show!

    I will say that Harrison Stringer's portrayal of Lord Farquadd nearly steals the show because of Harrison's comedic timing and devotion to making this villainous character so downright despicable. His musical numbers left the crowd in tears from laughter.

    Shrek and Princess Fiona, played by Hagen Hall and EmElise Knapp, respectively, make you think you're inside the animated film itself. The makeup and costume for Shrek, and the voice of Hagen Hall who nails the impression perfectly, and the way Hagen moves and gestures in a Shrek-like manner throughout this production, well…it's as if Shrek IS right there on stage. EmElise Knapp expertly performs Princess Fiona with all the quirky, determined, and excitable fervor that you expect from a female lead in this musical. After the show, when I spoke with Hagen Hall who was still in full costume and makeup, he couldn't break character throughout our conversation because, he said to me, "Being in this costume, and with this Shrek face, I seriously FEEL like I am Shrek. I can't stop." *tip of the hat to Amanda Fike, Makeup Design Tech.

    Ben Knight stars as Shrek's faithful steed (err, umm…I mean, his faithful DONKEY) who haplessly falls in love with Dragon, played by Taylor Elsey. Ben owns this role from start to finish, voicing and acting the role in a way that pays proper homage to Eddie Murphy who of course voiced Donkey in the animated film. Hagen, EmElise, and Ben embark on their journey to find acceptance, and family, despite the challenges each face with their own set of unique personalities and challenges.

    The fairytale characters are simply another strong collection of talented ALT Academy students who blew me away in their musical numbers. Each character, be it Sean Jones as Pinocchio (my favorite) or the "three wild and crazy pigs!" (Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd would be proud here) and big, bad wolf, among many, many more characters I can't name in one space here, are given such quality treatment in their song and dance routines that I wondered if there ever existed another group as individually strong and yet collectively cohesive in their performances as this group proved to be in this production. One of the early musical numbers, "Story of My Life," builds and builds with the fairytale characters to the point that you want to stand in ovation when it concludes. It's simply that good. And then much later in the show, the group gathers again to sing "Freak Flag" where Molly Martindale, who stars as both Gingy and as Sugar Plum Fairy, vocally soars through her solo portion of the song. It's jaw-dropping.

    The ensemble of this production, which ranges from 4-to-18-years-old, combined with the cast of characters, makes this the largest Academy cast to date. We're talking 96 kids total! The ensemble roles act, sing, and dance their way in and out of virtually the entire production, drawing ooh's and ahh's from the audience along the way. The crew? Students, as well. That's right, this production could stand toe-to-toe with any grown-up theater in any of part of the country as far as I am concerned. Which leads me to the ALT Academy's leadership.

    Jason Crespin directs the show, and once again he impresses. The vision for how this show is presented to us, the meticulous preparation of Jason and his staff and volunteers, and the casting of each character and ensemble member, it's not too much to say that Jason Crespin has once more proven that a ticket purchase for an ALT Academy production is money well spent. His production assistants, Ryan Sustaita and Drew Grimes, and assistant director Jorden Whetstone, obviously had a Shrek-sized hand in this production's success. And lastly, we have got to mention the hours and hours of hard work put in by Wendy Blankenship and Laurie Stockard, Costume Coordinators, as well as Gregg Dunlap, Tech Director/Lighting, and Tana Roberson, Set Design, and finally Jacob Kuker, Asst. Tech Director. Bravo to all of these members of the team who shaped and guided the Shrek: The Musical production.

    Please make no mistake, this is not "just a kid's show." In the opening night performance, the largest laughs and loudest applause came from the grown-ups because of the witty script and the breathtaking song and dance numbers. The cast of characters sometimes had to pause before moving onto the next line or number because of the wild laughter and applause of the audience, and that's when you know you have a hit show on your hands. The standing ovation usually begins when the cast takes the stage for bows, but on opening night the audience was standing and clapping with raised hands as the last notes of the finale song were belted out.

    If you are reading this before this production's run has concluded, do whatever it takes to get a ticket to the final performances. And if you're late to this review, there's always another ALT or ALT Academy production just around the corner. Buy a ticket and enjoy the ride. And LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY!

    Pecos Shafer - Amarillo

  • Boeing Boeing reviews

    What our patrons are saying about "Boeing Boeing"

    George and I saw Boeing Boeing last evening. Never laughed so hard in my life. Loved it. The crowd stood/clapped/cheered at the end. Amazing performances by all the actors, you can tell everyone involved loved doing it and worked hard to bring us yet another quality production.
    Susan C. Smith - Amarillo

    Every play seems better and better. Boy Allen is good. All 6 were so excellent that we could not believe it. We were talking in our group trying to decide who was the best. Thank you for a marvelous evening.
    Jerre Sprouse - Amarillo

    ALT is off to a good start in the Mainstage season with Boeing Boeing. There was never a dull moment and the cast was hilarious! Pegi Lovett stole the show as Berthe the maid and there were too many funny moments to list here. Great job everyone!
    Eddie Boston - Amarillo


  • Patron Reviews of Becky's New Car

    Melanie Sanders did a terrific job on her debut! The timing, the business, the delivery was all just spot on tonight. Michael Westmoreland did a really fine performance and his delivery and timing were just great as were all the actors. Terri Wilson did an especially nice job tonight with lines and business. I haven't enjoyed a play as much in quite a while...since the last ALT play perhaps.

    Linda and I were discussing our experience with ALT which began when we moved back to Amarillo in 2000. We think that it has gotten better each year and we thought it was great when we first attended a play here. The pool of talent that we have seen appear on the stages is truly wonderful. Our thanks to the casts and crews who constantly top themselves and produce shows that rival many of the 'big' city productions we have seen.

    Can't wait for the next play.

    -John Miller

    Becky's New Car was truly a theatrical masterpiece. A great script, fine direction, and an all-star cast had me laughing all night.  I was also in tears at other times.  I thoroughly enjoyed my night at the theater.

    -Harrison Stringer

    Becky's New Car was fantastic!  Terri Wilson gave an affecting, sympathetic portrayal, and Jeffrey Pickens broke my heart with the last act.  I'm telling everyone I know to see this show - the cast was brilliant, and Melanie has created something special.  Wonderful production, as always, produced at ALT.

    -Marley Hoggatt

    Becky's New Car was wonderfully funny and perfectly cast! There was never a dull moment and Melanie Sanders did a terrific job in her directorial debut! Congratulations, Melanie!

    -Eddie Boston


  • Message from a Theatre Patron Regarding His Experiences at ALT

    I just wanted to stop by and say how much I have enjoyed attending shows and events this past year and a half. ALT really has some talented people and I made a few friends from within. Keep up the good work, and I'll see some of you at the next show!

    -Eddie Boston

  • Letter from a Patron about Stories to Stage Camp

    I wanted to let you know how much Aubrey enjoyed camp this year and how pleased we were.  I really liked the format where each camp participant was allowed their "time in the spot light".  You and your team make it a truly fun experience for the kids.

    Aubrey came home the first day and was so impressed that you remembered her and that you remembered she was from New Mexico.  Any apprehensions she initially had were eliminated by your greeting and excitement.

    You do a fantastic job with the kids and your energy level is contagious!

    Thank you for offering the experience.

    - Bob Murray

  • "9 to 5, The Musical"

    “9 to 5” was great fun and refreshing to see even though I have seen the movie many times. Every single person did such a great job; the main characters were perfectly cast, the dancers and ensemble singers performed so well, and the orchestra was amazing as usual. I must mention the wonderful duet in the second act from Heather Manderson and Tony Brazell. That duet was certainly a highlight of the musical! Thanks so much to all involved for another fun and enjoyable evening.

    -Perry Pletcher

    Great set, great sound enhancement, great music from the pit, great running crew, and the CAST!!  Wow!  Just simply WOW!  What a performance, strong voices, marvelous comedic timing, all the principal characters were great, and the ensemble was so strong!  The whole performance was just terrific.  You could take that show anywhere I think and have it show well against all comers.

    I think that this was one of the best performances we have seen at ALT.  My problem though with making that judgement is that there are so many good performances!  I do think that this is one terrific show and one that was so very enjoyable.

    The cast, crew and musicians did and outstanding job and we look forward to the next season.

    -John and Linda Miller

  • ALT Academy's Production of Disney's "The Little Mermaid"

    What a wonderful production of “The Little Mermaid!” For many of my students, this was the first time they have ever been in a theatre and I have had so many of them come up and tell me how much they enjoyed the show. Some even asked if the actors were really singing or if it was a recording! Your actors should be so proud, as well as everyone involved with the production. Once again, ALT makes me proud to be a part of the “family.”

    -Kim Shreffler/Horace Mann Middle School

    That was such an AWESOME performance yesterday. I was so impressed with the talent! We knew several of the students from Bonham (either former or current students). You are a VERY talented director and we look forward to next year!

    -Lori Craig/Bonham ACC

  • "The 25th Annual Putnam Co. Spelling Bee"

    I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much Mary and I enjoyed the Putnam Spelling Bee on Saturday night. It was a real triumph of good staging, directing, choreography, and talent.

    We had seen the same musical on the Civic Center stage through their Broadway touring series a few years ago, and I was very disappointed. As such, I was not looking forward that much to your production. I can say now that I was very pleasantly surprised. I tend to be somewhat hard to impress, but this one was a hit. You never know exactly what combination of chemistry and setting and directing separates a really good performance from a mediocre or awful one, but Saturday everything was clicking!

    Congratulations again.

    -Parman Reynolds

  • "Cheaper by the Dozen"

    Loved CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN! Good job. We are looking forward to the rest of the season and really enjoyed LES MIS and TUNA CHRISTMAS. Don't know how you do it. 700 in the Academy!

    -Ann and Norris Root

  • "Charlotte's Web"

    Thanks so much for a wonderful performance yesterday. Please tell your students what a great job they did. Our students had a fantastic time. A huge pat on the back for a job well done!! So glad we were able to attend!

    -Jan West / Paramount Terrace First Grade

  • "Lucky to live in Amarillo"

    This comment doesn't address any particular production. To us, each in its own way never fails to entertain, delight, or give us food for thought. What a professional group always! My intent for writing is to applaud you for the many ways you enrich our city and accommodate patrons most cordially. As an example, recently, through my own mistake, Jack and I showed up for A Tuna Christmas on the wrong night. Happily for us, Anne was able to find seats and she did so, graciously. Thank each of you for all you do.

    Lucky to live in Amarillo, and ALT is one of the reasons.

    -Peggy Martin

  • "A Tuna Christmas"

    A Tuna Christmas was outstanding! Jeff and Jeffrey were perfect for the roles. I think the longest laugh was when Jeffrey came on stage as Bertha, but followed closely by Aunt Pearl. I think Aunt Pearl could have been my grandmother. ALT’s production and the acting of these two gentlemen would give the guys that wrote the play a run for their money!

    Thanks for all the hard work...

    -Judy Fugate

    I wanted to let you know again how much we enjoyed the play on Friday night.  Jeff and Jeffrey were absolutely hilarious and we could not quit talking about it all weekend.

    I have no idea how they can keep so many characters in order and transition so smoothly.

    Thank you for all your efforts to make it happen.

    I don’t think I will ever be able to get the “It is”, “It is”, “IT IS” line out of my head!

    -Robert Murray

  • "The Lieutenant of Inishmore"

    I absolutely loved the show, Allen. The acting was superb, the chemistry between the cast was flawless, and the special effects were, well...so effective. I imagine you're incredibly proud, and I want you to know how proud I am to be a part of such a special theatre community. It was a thrilling evening of theatre. Thank you.

    -Annika Johansson

    Just wanted to drop in and thank you for the amazing production you put on. This was my first time coming to ALT, and I was very impressed. I loved the Irish accents and the story line was hilarious. It is very hard to believe that these actors are volunteers, because they are exceptional! I truly enjoyed the play and look forward to many more! Keep up the great work!

    -Brittany Evans

  • "Les Misérables"

    (Amarillo Globe News- Letter to the Editor)
    Amarillo Little Theatre gave the Amarillo area a gift in its production of “Les Miserables.” If you bought a ticket to unwrap this theatrical package, you know what an outstanding job ALT did to bring this difficult and extravagant musical to artistic life on stage. The sold-out houses during the Sept. 20-Oct. 7 run actually reflect Amarillo audiences’ appreciation of ALT’s enormous efforts. A big thank you goes to ALT Director Allen Shankles and his capable crew for pulling this all together. And applause goes to the talented cast.

    - Kay Paine

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